Recipe: Flammulina 烩 烩 thousand sheets of silk [under the rice artifact]

Home Cooking Recipe: Flammulina 烩 烩 thousand sheets of silk [under the rice artifact]


Even if there is no meat, it is very much! Thousands of silk fry can be eaten for a crunchy taste! ! Soy products are like this, but they are not afraid of fat!



  1. Thousands of cut filaments pass through the water, the whole bunch of Flammulina velutipes cut off the roots, tear it into a small piece, and cut a knife in the middle of the mushroom, ginger and garlic cut into small pieces.

  2. Put the oil in the hot pot and put the ginger and garlic to the end.

  3. After fully smelling the aroma of garlic and ginger, the next thousand pieces of silk will be fried for a while. If you like crispy taste, you can fry it for a while, but you should diligently turn it over, otherwise it will stick to the pot.

  4. Thousands of silks are slightly golden yellow, put in Flammulina velutipes, red peppers and stir-fry, and other enoki mushroom effluent, put in soy sauce, soy sauce and stir well

  5. Try the taste, thousands of silk is not easy to taste, put some salt, the water from the mushroom is dried and out of the pot.


Very much! After a thousand silks have been fried, there is a crisp taste!

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