Recipe: Four hi-baked bran

Home Cooking Recipe: Four hi-baked bran



  1. Baked bran is soaked in cold water for 2-3 hours. Mushrooms, fungus and yellow flowers are also soaked in cold water.

  2. The bubbled fungus is torn into small pieces, the mushrooms are cut into small pieces of 1 cm square, and the yellow flowers are cut into two pieces for use.

  3. After baking the bran, press gently, squeeze out all the water and rinse it under the clear water. After sucking the water, press it again and squeeze it again. Repeat this 4-5 times until the taste of the bean is lightened. Finally, cut the knife into 1.5. Small pieces around cm

  4. The water in the soup pot is boiled and baked into the bran bran. The water is boiled again and then rinsed out with cold water. After squeezing out the water, place the baked bran in a pan and fry over medium heat until slightly colored.

  5. Put a little oil in the wok and heat it to 40%. Add the mushrooms, fungus, and yellow flowers to the scent. Then add the bran and add the salt and sugar.

  6. Pour in the raw stir-fry until the color, then pour the peanuts, soak the mushrooms, the water of the fungus, the amount of water can not be over the bottom of the pot, cover with medium heat to the water to open, and finally you can adjust the water according to your preferences


Four-boiled bran, and some places are called season-baked bran. It is often used as a cold dish, and there are still fresh-keeping cans. This dish tastes sweet and has a scent of sauce and aroma of bean products, but it is very crisp, very special and delicious! Baked bran can be bought near the dry shelves of the supermarket, which is put together with yuba and mushrooms, and sold in bulk and in bags. We try our best to select the whole baked bran. After soaking, we can't finish the hot and frying steps. Baked bran has a strong bean flavor, but smelling pungent sour is a quality problem, it is best not to buy. Baked bran is very important to remove the taste of soybean meal. Therefore, after soaking, you must patiencely rinse-squeeze-rinse. After four to five repetitions, you can obviously feel the softness of the baked bean bran. In addition, the two steps of scalding and boiling can not be omitted. Baked bran after scalding is softer, once again fried, can remove the astringency of the biggest, can also set the roast bran, the pan will not smash when it is fried; The water soaked in the bran must be cold water. The hot water is easy to make the baked bran soft and rotten, and the taste is not good. When squeezing, it is best to carry out the hands together. One hand holds the bran and the other gently presses evenly. Otherwise, it is easy to squeeze.

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