Recipe: French Black Pepper Steak (Steak au Poivre/Peppercorn Steak)

Home Cooking Recipe: French Black Pepper Steak (Steak au Poivre/Peppercorn Steak)


In Europe and America, Peppercorn Steak can be found in almost any Western restaurant. Search for Steak au Poivre or Peppercorn Steak on Google. There are also a bunch of recipes. Although it is easy to eat black pepper steak in China, the difference in raw ingredients is different. They are all very big, so there are many differences in taste. Domestically, whether it is a restaurant or a recipe that is seen online, there is almost no such thing as a prototype. So this time as a porter + translator, plus yourself. The understanding of writing this recipe. The most important thing to do with this steak is of course the beef itself, followed by black pepper. Black pepper must be used in whole. Before you do it, take the bottom of the pan or grind it into coarse granules. If you want to use the black pepper in the supermarket, then please Coarsely ground black pepper must be used, which is non-powdered coarsely ground pepper. Next, let's talk about the choice of steak. Generally speaking, this steak should use tenderloin (bulk tenderloin), but this part is more expensive.... I used the mid-range New York strip, Australia. Called porterhouse, which is the front waist steak (cattle lumbar) close to the ribs, of course, you can also use rib eye, T bone and other parts, according to personal preferences and budget.



  1. Grind the black peppercorns into coarse granules, the amount must be based on the size of the steak, and the crushed granules can be stained on both sides of the steak.

  2. Steaked black pepper on both sides of the steak, seasoned with salt

  3. Open the medium and high heat hot pan, put a small amount of olive oil and butter in the pot. This step is especially important, and the steak is just a hot pot.

  4. When the olive oil and butter start to smoke, put the steak. Don't rush to turn it after you put it in. Wait at least one minute to turn it over. My steak is about one inch thick, not thicker than three centimeters, and fried on both sides. Minutes, this is probably five or six mature, outside the coke, while the inside is still charming pink.

  5. Immediately after frying, remove the pan, move to another plate, wrap it in tin foil and put it on the side, let the beef 'rest' for a few minutes. All the steaks must have this step, the English is called resting, in order to let the gravy lock all In the flesh, the meat will be tender and tender, otherwise all the juice will flow out.

  6. Do not wash the steak of the fried steak. Open the fire and put the small onion into the sauce. Stir the small onion and pour it into the cognac. Use a musket to ignite on the cognac. The purpose is to let the alcohol in the cognac burn out. If you don't use it, you can use whiskey or red wine instead. If you use red wine, you can save the gun. Pour the right amount of beef soup (that is, the beef broth that the supermarket sells. I don't know if the domestic supermarket can find it. If it can't find it, use it.) I am embarrassed, too lazy to pour more red bars).

  7. Add the cream and a small piece of butter and cook until the juice in the pot is thick.

  8. Pour the simmered juice on the steak and let it start!


1. The steak should be placed at room temperature to start the above steps, otherwise it is not good to control the degree of cookedness. 2. Once again, the pan of the fried steak is very hot!! It's very hot!! But this also causes the whole kitchen and even the whole house to smoke and smoke, so the range hood is the best. I want to open the window and ventilate. And comrades, don't wear too good clothes to make this dish. Sweaters are definitely not to be worn unless you want to smell like a piece of meat all winter... 3. The dish with the dish is very casual, generally it can be served with potato sauté and asparagus. I used fondant potatoes and salad. The practice of Fondant potatoes is a bit cumbersome but not difficult, google has it, in This is not described here. 4. I wish you all a good New Year!

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