Recipe: Fried fritters

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried fritters


I think! I can edit it too! Although there is already this dish! But I compiled it again! In fact, I really like the fritters in Lugang Town! Haha!豉 juice and vinegar! I think oyster sauce is also a good thing! ! !



  1. Fritters cut into pieces, carrots, green peppers, parsley, ginger, shredded, diced diced!

  2. Juice: 豉 vinegar (raw a little sugar) MSG! The taste can be adjusted according to your own taste! I am a bit sour, I like sour! Finally add some starch!

  3. After the fire ginger silk riot pot! Put in carrots, green peppers, stir fry! Then put in the adjusted juice! After the fire is thick, the juice is thick! Add fritters and parsley to the scallions! ! Quickly stir fry immediately!


I think it's better to stick the fritters and then fry them! If you like to eat soft! Just fry for a while~! A friend of mine said this is like a big intestine haha! False big intestine haha! ! Because the oyster sauce is already salty, don't put salt! If you want to eat garlic, take a garlic and put it in!

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