Recipe: Fried red cabbage heart

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried red cabbage heart


I have no secret recipe for cooking, but it is just a way to cut vegetables.



  1. Red cabbage heart washed, remove old, yellow leaves

  2. Red cabbage heart stalk head, look at the old is not old, always cut off 1-2 cm.

  3. The leaves of the red cabbage are picked up, cut into sections, and placed in a pile. The stems of the red cabbage heart are cut one by one, and the big head is beveled into a 0.5 cm thick oblique piece. The small head is cut into sections that are almost as long as the slanted piece, and the stalks are placed separately. This is a key step.

  4. Garlic cloves smashed garlic, dried chili oblique section

  5. Heat the hot pot, put a proper amount of oil, oil 80% hot, dry pepper, garlic, simmered a few pots, red cabbage heart stalk, stir fry for 2 minutes, then red cabbage leaves, stir fry until the leaves are slightly less tough Put salt and stir well.


1 The whole dish is very difficult to taste, and it is very tasty when it is cut into pieces. 2 Do not put soy sauce, put the soy sauce will be black. 3 don't eat spicy, don't put chili

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