Recipe: Fruit enzyme

Home Cooking Recipe: Fruit enzyme


The enzyme is a bit different, not wine, nor vinegar. The wine should be static, the vinegar should move, and the enzyme manufacturing process will affect the alcohol degree.



  1. Wash fruits, lemons, etc., cutting boards, bottles and lids, knives. All utensils should be water-free, oil-free, and sterile. No mold.

  2. Wash the fruits and lemons to ensure no moisture and cut into thin slices. I haven't peeled the fruit. Cut the fruit into thin slices.

  3. A layer of fruit, a layer of lemon, a layer of sugar. The order is discharged into a large glass jar. The top layer must be sugar. Put a little more to avoid mildew on the upper layer.

  4. Sealed and placed in a cool place of 15 to 25oC. Allow the material to soak for 3-6 months to open it for drinking. Fermentation takes at least 3 months, 6 months is better, the longer the better, will not expire. Because the longer the enzymes in the fermentation, the smaller the enzyme molecules, the easier the body absorbs and the more energy. At the beginning of the fermentation (probably the first 15 days - 25 days), stir it daily or use the breathing bottle directly to ensure the gas out of the bottle. From time to time, shake the bottle gently, let the liquid cover the upper layer, and the white mold black mold will not appear. After the large and dense bubbles become weak, it is enough to continue the fermentation in a cool place.

  5. Please drink it every day to show the effect. There is no limit to the dosage. Usually, drink a small cup of 30ML. Please mix the stock solution with 4 or 5 times of water or juice. The temperature must be below 40 degrees to avoid destroying the activity of the enzyme.

  6. Due to the seasonal fresh ingredients, the taste, concentration and color will vary greatly depending on the season. There may be floating matter due to the fermentation. The above conditions will not affect the quality. Please feel free to drink.

  7. When you use it for the first time, if it is excessive or due to physical discomfort, it may cause mild diarrhea, rash, itchy skin and other symptoms. Please reduce your drinking. If the symptoms do not improve, stop using it.

  8. Do not violently shake the bottle or pour it down. Please store in a cool place, do not let direct sunlight. Please keep it in the refrigerator after opening, and please drink it as soon as possible.


1) Any fruit and vegetable can be used, and it is best to use fruits with high enzyme content. For example: yellow pear, dragon fruit, white radish. They can also be matched with each other. Organic fruits and vegetables are better. Wash and dry the fruit (make sure there is no moisture), I am peeled. Some fruits such as yellow pears have high skin and stem enzymes and can be peeled off better, but because the family likes to eat enzyme residue, I am peeled. Lemons must be peeled to the seeds to avoid bitterness. I encourage everyone to make enzymes together with the peels, don't worry about pesticides or other residues on the peels, because in the process of making enzymes, these harmful substances will be deliberately and unreservedly decomposed!   2) Slices of sugar, rock sugar, brown sugar, brown sugar, honey can do. The amount of enzyme juice is closely related to the type of fruit. Some dry fruits can replace sugar with honey, oligosaccharides and syrup. 3) Cutting board, bottle and lid, knife. All utensils should be water-free, oil-free, and sterile. I used hot water to sterilize or use alcohol to disinfect. 4) It is best not to exceed 80% of the bottle capacity, because the bacteria in the manufacturing process may be too active, and the seal will be written on the date. Drinkable after 3-6 months. 5) It is important to always ensure that the upper layer is wet, and shake the bottle from time to time. Let the liquid cover the upper layer, and the white mold black mold will not appear. 6) All utensils should be disinfected. Filter and remove the lemon dregs (coarse - not good), the fruit slag is delicious. The enzyme is delicious and healthy. You can also see some vitality. The filtered enzyme and enzyme residue should be refrigerated to avoid further fermentation and the alcohol content will be higher and higher. Drink three times a day, 15 ml at a time, no more than 45 ml a day (half a child). Because it uses a lot of sugar, it is sweet. Those who are afraid of sweetness can add ice or water to dilute.

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