Recipe: Garlic burst pumpkin tip

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic burst pumpkin tip



  1. Remove the old leaves and fascia from the tip of the pumpkin and wash it. Sliced ​​or chopped garlic

  2. The water in the pot is boiled, and a small amount of salt and a few drops of cooking oil are placed. The pumpkin is simmered in water for half a minute and drained out of the cold water for use.

  3. Put the pot into the cooking oil with 1/2 garlic scent, into the pumpkin tip stir fry, adjust the salt, MSG, then 1/2 of the garlic stir fry evenly, thicken the fire, plate, a plate of green, fragrant The pumpkin tip is finished.


Pumpkin tip, I am from snacks to large green pollution-free vegetables, no pesticides and no fertilizer, green and environmentally friendly, it is recommended to eat more~

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