Recipe: Garlic cheese, 焗青口

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic cheese, 焗青口



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Qingkoubei wash

    Qingkoubei wash

  2. Stir in the hot water with salt, so that the shell is open (salt is to make the meat more flavorful)

  3. Remove the green mussels and use a small spoon to dig the shellfish (it is convenient when you dig it). The shellfish is cut to the seaweed bag and the internal organs are cleaned.

  4. Garlic and salted wine are placed in the oil pan and scented for use.rMozzarella cheese swarf

  5. After the cleanup, the green mussels are placed neatly, and the garlic and cheese are fried in sequence.

  6. 250 ovens for about 10 minutes, time to master, see the cheese slightly browned

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