Recipe: Garlic white meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic white meat


See what other people are doing with the pig's hind legs and the wide legs above the pig's legs? I didn't buy it, just use other meat. Some people also use pork belly. As for the time of pork, some people only used 20 minutes, 30 minutes, I cooked for an hour, because I hope to cook a little softer. = =



  1. Cut the pork into two pots, put a few star anise, fragrant leaves, and scallion for 60 minutes.

  2. The pork is cooked and picked up to cool off. The cucumber is cut into thin slices and spread around the plate. The extra cuts are cut into filaments and laid in the center.

  3. Cut the pork into slices and spread it on a plate.

  4. Garlic is mashed into mashed mash, mixed with vinegar, soy sauce, salt, red pepper oil, pepper oil, chopped green onion, etc., poured over white meat.


It’s very good to use parsley. The egg is, this season, the parsley is old, there is no fresh aroma, so I can only use onions~~  I don't like any MSG, I don't like to put it in the dish.  Therefore, when the garlic sauce was adjusted, there was no MSG and no sugar was placed.

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