Recipe: Gold and silver garlic fans steamed baby dishes

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold and silver garlic fans steamed baby dishes


Simple and delicious, children like to eat, friends have a good evaluation!



  1. The doll dish is opened, the leaves are 6-8 pieces, and the water is dip for spare; the fan is warm and soft, and the garlic is ready for use;

  2. The fan cuts a centimeter long and small end, and the fungus is chopped (no need to add);

  3. A little oil, first half of the garlic, to be fried golden yellow in the next half of the garlic, turn off the fire, add the appropriate amount of salt to the fan fungus, stir and let cool;

  4. Flatten the water-splitting doll leaves, roll up the processed fans, fix the ends of the rolls with a toothpick, and then cut the plate from the middle; steam for about 5 minutes!

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