Recipe: Green onion omelet

Home Cooking Recipe: Green onion omelet


Delicious and nutritious quick-food!



  1. Cut the onion into the bowl, beat the egg and stir it in one direction.

  2. Add the right amount of salt, pepper or your favorite seasoning (be careful not to add chicken or MSG, because the eggs themselves are very fresh), stir well.

  3. Pour the pot, pour in the vegetable oil, pour the egg into the hot water, gently shake the wok, so that the egg liquid just forms a circle, gently turn to the other side with a spatula, turn off the heat, fry the other with the remaining temperature One side.


Be sure to use a small fire when frying eggs, otherwise it will be easy to paste. It is best to use a pan so that the fried pie will be the same thickness. Don't cut too much chopped green onion. It's just a seasoning effect. If you put more of it, it won't be delicious if you lose the original taste.

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