Recipe: Green pepper fried pork liver

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper fried pork liver


Pig liver: nourishing liver and eyesight, spleen, qi (it is said to detoxify) green pepper: enhance immunity, anti-oxidation, anti-cancer and anti-cancer



  1. Wash the pig liver for about 10 minutes, remove the white things, cut the slices, put them into the bowl, add the appropriate amount of soy sauce, salt, sugar, and marinate for about 10 minutes.

  2. Green peppers are seeded and stalked, washed and cut into large pieces to be used for ginger shredded

  3. Heat the pan on the fire, pour the oil (slightly more than usual), pour the oil into the green pepper and stir-fry.

  4. Put the ginger into the fragrant incense, pour the mixed pork liver and stir fry until the pig liver is completely discolored and each piece is separated. Pour in the green pepper slices and stir well to mix well. The whole process takes about two or three minutes


1. It is well known that pig liver is rich in iron and is the most commonly used food in blood food. And it is rich in vitamin A, which protects the eyes. 2, in fact, every food has its own special effects, so anything must be eaten in turn, which is good for the body. 3, every woman needs blood, now in the autumn and winter season, everyone should buy to eat, can nourish the body. Pig liver is also good for children.

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