Recipe: Hairy crab mushroom porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Hairy crab mushroom porridge


I used to like it in the porridge hall. Now I buy crabs myself! Good fragrance, delicious and delicious!



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    Good porridge

  2. Wash the crabs, remove the eight pieces, and put them in the porridge.

  3. Wash the mushrooms and put them in the porridge for about ten minutes with the hairy crabs.

  4. Add onions, ginger, salt, MSG, some, you can also add soy sauce according to your taste, sesame oil

  5. Fill the bowl and finish!


Onions, ginger and other seasonings should be added to the flavor when the pan is out, take a good grasp of the time, 10 minutes after the hairy crabs are put in, use the spoon to stir the porridge to avoid mashing

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