Recipe: Ham Omelette Sandwich (Quick Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Ham Omelette Sandwich (Quick Edition)


I often need to add food recently and start to fall in love with sandwiches. After reading a few recipes, I was afraid that the taste was not enough, and the complicated one was afraid of time. . . Uh. Combine yourself with a new one~ha.



  1. First omelet. Put a little oil after the pot is hot, open a small fire, and fry the eggs. Single and double sided. It is best to add some salt and black pepper, which is very refreshing.

  2. Spread the ketchup on the first slice of bread and slice the square ham (about half a centimeter thick). I used the Shuanghui's square ham, and cut three pieces just to cover it.

  3. Continue to lay 6 slices of cucumber on the ham, three pieces on top and bottom ~ and a little bit of Thousand Island sauce.

  4. Spread the fried eggs on the cucumber slices~

  5. The second piece of bread is coated with Thousand Island Sauce and covered on the omelet. Finishing ~ cutting in the middle or chamfering into a triangle can be ~


1. I wrote a few usages for nitpicking. . . what. Actually completely random, like to add more. 2. When omeletizing, be sure to heat the pan and turn to a small fire, so that the fried egg shape is better. Of course, it is more convenient to have an omelette mold. 3. I prefer the combination of ketchup and Thousand Island sauce. It can be changed to salad dressing or other sauce according to personal taste. 4. In addition to cucumber, adding tomato slices and lettuce is also a good combination. Everyone is creative.

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