Recipe: Hand painted cake pattern

Home Cooking Recipe: Hand painted cake pattern


A lot of friends asked how this was done. I simply set up a recipe to reply in a unified way. It’s just that the person who is doing this kind of work is not recognized by the six parents, let alone taking pictures, so there is no step map, I am sorry! This is a six-inch cake, and the diameter of the circle is 12cm.



  1. Fish gelatin powder is first soaked with a small amount of water, then mixed with white chocolate and heated to melt, stir well.

  2. The cream is distributed to five to six distributions, which is the state in which the texture can be formed.

  3. Spread a pre-baked cake in the mold, then sift the white chocolate and fish gelatin powder from step 1 and pour it into the whipped cream. Pour into the mold and freeze in the refrigerator until solidified.

  4. Chocolate powder can be adjusted with water, and the food color I use (Wilton) is oil-soluble. I have to use whipping cream to adjust the shade. According to the actual use of different pigments to get the desired color, for example, my skirt is adjusted with red plus rose.

  5. The materials are ready, everyone can start to use their imagination to create ~~


Spread a piece of cake at the bottom for easy transfer to the main cake, otherwise the white chocolate mousse layer is easily destroyed.

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