Recipe: Hand tearing purple cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Hand tearing purple cabbage


Especially love the cruciferous vegetables, purple cabbage not only has a beautiful appearance, but also a crisp and slightly sweet taste. I am used to cold salad, and I will do a hand-shear and stir-fry today. The simple method has an unexpected taste!



  1. After washing the purple cabbage, drain the water and tear it into small pieces of uniform size. Garlic is broken and ready for use.

  2. Pour the soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sugar, and chicken in a small bowl and stir for a while.

  3. Pour the oil into the pot, heat it to 80% heat, pour in the tofu, stir fry, add garlic and a little less salt, stir fry while using a spatula.

  4. When the purple cabbage in the pot is softened later, pour in the seasoned seasoning and stir evenly to serve.


1.. When you are tearing purple cabbage, you can throw away the thick stems that are not easy to taste at the root. 2. Don't put more when you put salt, because we have to release it later. 3. Do not fry too long, purple cabbage has a crunchy taste.

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