Recipe: Hawthorn fruit tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Hawthorn fruit tea


Is there anything that can make the fruit tea thicker, while at the same time reducing the acidity of the fruit tea, and it has no odor, which is good for health? My choice is - white fungus + honey.



  1. Use a knife to dig the black stalks at the ends of the mountain, cross the cut, open, and seed

  2. Tremella is soaked in cold water and clean. Cut the white fungus and hawthorn into small pieces

  3. Inject water, first boil, then cook for 40 minutes.

  4. Cool the boiled white fungus and hawthorn soup, add honey, and use a blender to make a fine pulp.


Be sure to boil the white fungus and hawthorn, then use a blender to make a slurry. If you first make it into a pulp and cook it, it is easy to paste it. If the soup is dried and beaten, it will become a hawthorn sauce. The drink I loved most when I was young was hawthorn fruit tea. Compared with the Arctic Ocean soda, fruit tea is a high-end drink, because it is expensive, so you can't drink it often. The main formula of fruit tea is hawthorn, carrot and sugar. My mother tried it herself, but at that time there was no mixer, and it was quite hard to make a fruit tea. Now with the help of a food processor, it is much easier to make fruit tea. However, in order to increase the consistency and sweetness of fruit tea, it is often necessary to put a lot of sugar, so that people can unwittingly consume excessive amounts of sugar. And the fruit tea I made does not have this problem, you can drink with confidence.

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