Recipe: Healthy yogurt salad dressing

Home Cooking Recipe: Healthy yogurt salad dressing


LZ likes to go to the cafeteria's fruit salad, but it looks like the calories are high, I don't dare to lick every time. One day I suddenly found this yogurt salad dressing, sour and sweet, the heat is relatively low, introduce it to everyone~ ~



  1. Homemade yogurt, put it in the refrigerator until it is passivated, take it out, it is thicker. If you are going to buy yogurt outside, please choose the original flavor.

  2. Add ketchup to the yogurt, don't add too much. According to your own taste, the ketchup is sour and sweet, and the yogurt is sour and sweet.

  3. After mixing the two, they can be used to mix the fruits.

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