Recipe: Homemade kimchi

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade kimchi


Korean kimchi has a variety of practices. The following is a one that is easier to do at home. There is always a box of kimchi in the refrigerator at home, in case of need.



  1. Cabbage marinated: 1, cabbage to the old leaves washed and cut into pieces, some people like to do the whole tree, but I like to cut into small pieces, it is easier to pickle. 2, add salt to the cut cabbage, the amount is slightly more, mix well and marinate for 15 minutes. After marinating, soak in the water to soak salty taste, then drain the water.

  2. Cut and match: 1, scallions or leeks cut into sections. 2, pear or apple, take the meat. Use a conditioning machine to make the end, or cut into silk by hand, you can not peel. 3, white radish peeled and shredded, like the taste can be cut a little thicker. 4, ginger cut into fine.

  3. Marinated: white radish + pear or apple puree + onion or leeks + ginger + salt + sugar + fish sauce mixed evenly, after a while, the water will come out, this water should not be dumped, this juice is better in the kimchi . At this time, add Korean chili sauce and chili noodles, adjust to your favorite taste and add high white wine and mix well (about 1 tablespoon is enough). Adding white wine is easier to ferment. Finally, add the drained cabbage and mix well. If the cabbage is too much water, you can squeeze it a little.

  4. Fermentation: If it is fast, the kimchi will be placed in the crisper at room temperature, and it will have a sour taste after about 24 hours, but it will still be stored in the refrigerator after fermentation. If you are not in a hurry, put it in a crisper and slowly ferment it in a refrigerator. After two weeks to one month, you can eat it. The kimchi that is fermented by slow fermentation is the best.


1, each link must be done, or it is easy to fail. 2, oil can not be touched in every link, it is easy to deteriorate with oil. 3, fermented kimchi in the refrigerator, can be stored for a few months will not be bad, but will become more and more sour.

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