Recipe: Homemade simple spicy hot pot

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade simple spicy hot pot


Don't worry about the oyster sauce used in the spicy hot pot outside, and accidentally ditch the oil into the belly~ There are also vegetarian children's shoes afraid of the outside with lard butter, put onions and garlic, the bottom of their own wok is actually quite simple, do not need too much complicated spices can be very delicious, this winter is hot and spicy Hot pot, Ba Shi ~~



  1. Heat the pan and heat the oil. Stir in the water of the Pixian County for five minutes, then add the green pepper, dried chili, ginger and saute. Then add 500ml of water, salt and rock sugar to boil.

  2. First, add white radish and mushrooms with seasoning, and some konjac that are not cooked, then serve other dishes.

  3. Dilute into a dip with sesame sauce tofu and hot pot soup


If you like a little hemp, add more pepper. If you like spicy, add more dried chili. Eat hot pot, fear the smell of the house full, can be cooked in the kitchen and then served in the plate and then eat ~

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