Recipe: 05/25/14: Homemade sour beans

Home Cooking Recipe: 05/25/14: Homemade sour beans


As a hard-working international student, it is simply unbearable to read China on the tip of his tongue. I am so determined that I will exercise my cooking skills and pursue my memory in a foreign country. Because the ingredients are limited by irresistible factors, the most authentic Chinese dishes are made under limited conditions.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash the handle and wash off the grease on the surface of the handle.

    Wash the handle and wash off the grease on the surface of the handle.

  2. Wash the long beans and keep the head and tail. Expose in the sun for a while to remove some of the water.

  3. According to the size of the spoon, go to a spoonful of half salt and place on the cutting board. The beans are kneaded on the cutting board so that the salt and the beans are in full contact. (Do not care if the salt can be attached to the beans, 搓搓)

  4. Take a clean bottle, roll up the ten beans, put them in the bottle, and don't squeeze them, know that they are evenly filled.

  5. Pour the remaining salt into the bottle and soak it in cold water. (Be sure not to use tap water, use cold water. In addition, the amount of salt depends on personal taste. If you want to eat sour beans, put a little salt, you can taste the sour taste produced by the bean's own fermentation. If you like salted beans, you can Put more salt)

  6. Take a small piece of plastic film, cover the mouth of the bottle, and cover the bottle to isolate air and bacteria. Shake well so that the salt can be diluted as much as possible.

  7. Store in a cool place and eat it after one week. Remove the right amount of beans with clean chopsticks each time, and continue to seal the rest. You can also continue to pick up the new beans with the water in the bottle.


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