Recipe: Honey grapefruit skin

Home Cooking Recipe: Honey grapefruit skin


My classmates asked me if I couldn't eat grapefruit, so I simply told her to leave me a grapefruit skin. I used to drink honey citron tea bought at Wal-Mart. I feel very good and didn't add too much additive. At the same time, I found that the grapefruit skin of this can is not like the peeled white skin of other recipes, so I also want to try to do this. However, the citron tea that I did not buy was delicious, and the white rind was softer, and it was not very hard to have a hard yellow skin. However, the taste is still very sweet. It is important to use the remaining half of the can of honey. Otherwise, it is not certain whether the remaining honey will be eliminated before graduation.



  1. The grapefruit peel cut off too much white skin, but not all of it was removed. Soak one night in salt water

  2. Cut into a small-sized discharge rice cooker and add a small boiled water to cook

  3. Add sugar to melt it, thicken the sugar and put it into a glass bottle containing half a bottle of honey, stir it with a clean spoon to mix the grapefruit skin and honey.

  4. Directly closed for 5 days to be stored

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