Recipe: Honeydew popsicle

Home Cooking Recipe: Honeydew popsicle



  1. Half a melon (about 2 cups more melon), a cup of Nestle evaporated milk

  2. Put the honeydew melon into the blender and make a smooth paste. Add the right amount of honey (this amount is adjusted according to the sweet taste you want to eat and the sweetness of the melon). I am concentrating on the power of the blender I use now, so I didn't clean the melon seeds and throw them in with the flesh, but I still can get a little '硌' feeling. If I don't like it, I will put all the seeds. Throw away

  3. Stir the milk and honey into the honeydew melon, put it into the mold of the popsicle, and freeze it. I don't have the mold in my house, so I will put a toothpick in each box in a small box that is thrown into the frozen ice. It turns out that it is quite good to do this one by one, and it is quite good. How much you want to eat? Because I don’t eat ice, every time I buy a popsicle, I eat it when I eat it. A big whole, I feel very hard. I suspect that the small ones are probably suitable for children to eat. They can not eat too much ice at a time (however, when children eat, they must be especially careful not to be poked by toothpicks)


If you don't use light milk and use HeavyCream, the taste will be better, but I don't think about the heat. In addition, I don't know what it would be like if I use milk powder or milk, because I haven't tried it.

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