Recipe: Hubei cuisine, pork ribs soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Hubei cuisine, pork ribs soup


How can a Wuhan girl not do ribs soup? When I was a child, I often listened to my grandmother and said, "The girl has a boyfriend and brought it to dinner at home. If the mother-in-law’s dinner table has this dish, it means recognition of the son-in-law. Haha, of course, we just use him as a story to listen to.



  1. Wash the piglet with water and set aside.

  2. Fly water, everyone understands it. Put the cold water in the pot and add ginger. I like to add some white wine and have aroma.

  3. After the ribs are passed through the water, it is given a rebirth.

  4. I usually use a casserole to cook ribs, and without adding a little oil, it is good for girls to drink more soup. And don’t gain weight,

  5. Put the ribs in the pot, add cold water, (generally, put twice the water) and put the ginger and green onions, remember that the onions should be knotted, and finally the onions will not be needed, just to enhance the fragrance.

  6. First boil over high heat, boil, and simmer on low heat, so that the stewed soup is delicious, and the soup is white and delicious. After simmering for 1 hour and a half, add the lotus root until the simmer is cooked.

  7. Add salt before half an hour before cooking, sprinkle with a little chopped green onion and pepper, chicken, seasoning Y (^_^) Y


1. I like to eat whiteflies, so I choose white and fat dolls! 2, individuals prefer to eat thin point ribs, in fact, it is best to choose fat and moderate ribs. 3, must buy a big casserole back to stew, the longer the casserole used, the better the stewed soup. Many times, the simple truth is always so simple.

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