Recipe: Ice cold noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Ice cold noodles


Summer is hot, come to a bowl of chilled cold noodles, cool and refreshing and appetizing



  1. Soak the cold noodles and cook them, soak them in cool water for several times.

  2. Cut the cooked pork into large pieces

  3. Cut the cooked egg into two petals

  4. Cucumber shredded, parsley chopped, garlic chopped mince

  5. Take a pot and pour the appropriate amount of Sprite, add iced mineral water, add fuel, soy sauce, spicy fresh, sugar, apple juice, salt, rice vinegar, MSG and mix well.

  6. Put the soaked cold noodles into a big wrist, pour in the smoothing soup, and fill in the cucumber silk, the parsley, the meat, the egg, and the chili oil. A bowl of cool, sweet, sour, sweet and delicious cold noodles can be served on the table.


There are no pears in this season, and it is better if you add pear juice. I didn't have pear juice, so I replaced it with apple juice. I usually use beef. Without beef, I replaced it with pork. I put a slice of tomato for the color.

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