Recipe: Ice inflammation

Home Cooking Recipe: Ice inflammation


This is a combination of jade and jelly and fruit. The sweet transparent jelly wraps the peeled saint fruit in layers. It is not sour and sweet, the jelly is sweet, not greasy, taste. Refreshing, occasionally you can touch the salt on the side of the bowl, and it’s a little bit more than the salty taste in the sweetness.



  1. Heat one type of water and sugar until the sugar is completely melted and cool.

  2. Peel the saint fruit and put it in 1

  3. Boil the water and agar powder (also called cold weather powder) in the second water, add the sugar after the agar powder is completely dissolved, boil again, cook for about half a minute, stir evenly and then cool it a little.

  4. Put the sachet in the small cup and put the sachet

  5. Pour some of the cooled 3 slowly into the tea bowl, then put the cling film together, twist it and seal it with a clip.

  6. Put it in the refrigerator and unpack it after it has cooled down completely.

  7. Boil three according to the method of 3, and put it into a container such as a buckle.

  8. After cooling, use a fork to scrape back into finely divided jelly.

  9. Take a little 8 on 6

  10. Put a small amount of salt on the teacup mouth and put the good 9 into the teacup.

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