Recipe: Ice shake green lemon tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Ice shake green lemon tea


Working in a coffee shop, the favorite drink is green orange lemon tea, the house suddenly wants to drink at home, DIY hands at home, there are many friends in the circle of friends to seek practice, so edit this recipe to share with everyone.



  1. Add plenty of green tea in boiling water for five minutes (about 150 ml)

  2. Lemon one and a half slices half squeezed into the cup

  3. Cut the green tea off the head, cut two knives horizontally and vertically, squeeze the juice into the cup

  4. Add honey, add half of ice water or filter water (ice water tastes better) Stir well.

  5. Add the soaked green tea, 150 ml of liquid (one-third of a cup), and drink the whole cup evenly.


1 The outside store will add concentrated juice, and it will be healthier at home. 2 The ratio is just like your own preference. If you like acid, you can squeeze more lemon and green juice. 3 don't add too much tea. If you have more tea, it will change.

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