Recipe: Indian sizing fat sheep (wheat field unlimited version curry mashed fat sheep)

Home Cooking Recipe: Indian sizing fat sheep (wheat field unlimited version curry mashed fat sheep)


The male ticket likes the infinite Indian sizing beef in the wheat field. It sells twenty or thirty pieces. There are few fat beef slices in it. Today, he said that he thought about it. He went to the supermarket and bought the materials to personally give him a job. I feel that there is no difference between eating and selling in the store ^_^



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash potatoes and cut small pieces

    Wash potatoes and cut small pieces

  2. Put the potato pieces in the pot and add more water to the submerged potato pieces. After the fire is boiled, adjust to medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes, during which time the surface floats are filtered and the potato pieces are ground into mud.

  3. After the mashed potato soup is initially formed, turn off the simmer into the curry block (if you feel too much water in the pot, you can adjust the small cremation curry block). When changing to medium heat and simmer until the soup is slightly boiling, try salty taste and adjust the salt according to your preference.

  4. When the soup becomes slightly thicker, turn it into a small fire, add it to the fat sheep roll (or fat beef roll), stir the meat roll to taste, and fine-tune the salt taste according to your personal preference.

  5. Finally, the Indian sizing fat sheep that is put into the bowl and full of flavor is ready! ! Began to eat! !


The mashed potatoes can also be steamed and directly crushed into mud, which can be used directly into the pot. This will be faster, but the amount of water and mashed potatoes should be grasped by yourself. I cook them directly in the pot. QvQ~ The total amount of curry can also be controlled according to personal taste and material usage. The two curries I made for two people feel just right. Finally, I wish you all a happy meal! Yay!

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