Recipe: Japanese plum dried tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Japanese plum dried tofu


Prunes (うめぼし) is the “salted plums” and is a traditional Japanese pickle food. Prunus has antibacterial, bactericidal, detoxifying, and gastrointestinal effects. In addition, it also has the function of citric acid and niacin to activate metabolism, promote blood circulation, strengthen liver and kidney functions, and discharge lactic acid from the body to the body. To eliminate fatigue. Also available when motion sickness. Just put the prunes in your mouth. It is also effective to drink plum dry tea when you are drunk and until the next day. Put a prunes into the cup, chop it with chopsticks, pour hot tea into the cup, then drink plum dry tea, the effect is remarkable.



  1. Tofu uses kitchen paper to absorb water and cut into large braids.

  2. Prunes to the core, knead with a knife and mix with seasonings (1/3 tbsp of yellow mustard, 1 tsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp of sesame oil, a little bean paste)

  3. Mix the prunes and tofu with a spoon and mix well. Place in a dish and sprinkle with some radish or green onion.

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