Recipe: 焼きそば (Japanese style soy sauce fried noodles)

Home Cooking Recipe: 焼きそば (Japanese style soy sauce fried noodles)


Recently, the number of students who have uploaded this dish has increased. Every day, the mobile phone will receive several notifications~ Thank you for everyone who likes this recipe. Po loves you! ! (╯3╰) Well, there are quite a few people who ask me where to use Japanese noodles with noodles, don’t tangled with this stuff (囧), the ordinary fried noodles sold in supermarkets or restaurants can be used, yellow Kind, if you don't know, you can ask which kind of noodles are suitable for fried food. Yakisoba, white is the soy sauce fried noodles, the essence is noodles, cabbage, bacon, onions, carrots, soy sauce and sun eggs! >.<And about the heart of the sun, poke the egg yolk to the noodles and mix it up. The taste is really beautiful, but I still strongly recommend you, the premise of this is that the eggs are really Very fresh! Otherwise, it is still necessary to fry both sides for health and safety.



  1. Cabbage leaves washed, cut off hard stems, cut into wide strips

  2. The carrots are peeled and cut into silk, the onions are peeled and cut into thin strips, and the crab-flavored mushrooms are cut off from the roots and separated by hand.

  3. Bacon cut into small pieces

  4. Disassemble the special surface of the Japanese fried noodles, place it in the leaking basin, pour the boiled boiling water on the surface, carefully spread the surface with chopsticks, drain and spare

  5. Pour the oil in the pot, because the fried noodles, the amount of oil is slightly larger than the cooking, the fire, add onion, carrot, cabbage, crab mushroom and bacon slices in order, stir fry, add seasoning

  6. After frying, pour in the drained noodles. To adjust the color, add the soy sauce, reduce to medium heat, fry until the noodles are evenly colored, turn off the heat, and serve.

  7. Clean the pan, a little oil, medium heat, break into the egg, slowly fry until the protein is fully cooked and turn off the heat.

  8. Put the heart-shaped poached egg on the fried noodles, and sprinkle with Shanghai Tess and squid flowers.


Crab-flavored mushrooms can be replaced with other fungi. Although the special noodles of Japanese-style fried noodles are originally cooked, they will become soft after being washed with hot water, and it is easy to color and taste better when fried noodles. Try not to use stainless steel shovel when frying noodles, it is easy to break the surface, use wooden shovel to be careful, use chopsticks to match, it is best to use the object holder. It’s enough to pick up a little bit, or the color will be too dark. Eggs are only fried on one side, and the egg yolk is best for the whole life. When you eat the egg yolk, it tastes good after eating with the noodles.

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