Recipe: Japanese style teriyaki chicken rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Japanese style teriyaki chicken rice


Today's Japanese-style yakitori chicken leg is one of the lunches of the day. Teriyaki, well-known Japanese dishes and cooking methods, usually refers to the process of drying barbecue meat, the outer layer is coated with a lot of soy sauce, syrup, garlic, ginger and sake (or porphyrin). The meats commonly used in illuminating are very wide, and chicken, beef, pork, and meat with tight meat can be used. M's main ingredients used today are white meat that can be accepted by most people - chicken, and the chicken drumsticks are also popular on the Internet for a while. There are many practices, and the stupid M can't be considered as an authentic faction. After that, the work started, the results were satisfactory, and the taste was very much in line with M’s family.



  1. Wash the chicken legs and remove the excess water, and mark it on the surface.

  2. Put a little oil in the wok, stir the shallots, ginger, and put in chicken legs (chicken skin down)

  3. Simmer on low heat until golden brown on both sides, pour out excess oil, leave a little oil in the pot, add sauce, boil over low heat and simmer until the soup is thick.

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