Recipe: Jujube cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Jujube cake


This cake has been done for almost a month, I can really say it. Didn't we go to Suzhou in the National Day? On the day of the walk, I went to Guanqian Street to buy some special snacks, including a box of Suzhou specialty “jujube cake”. When I am very young, I like this kind of cake. I can pack different fillings. Most of them are sesame sugar stuffing or bean paste. Is the Japanese grocery store selling five or eight hairs downstairs? I forgot. Sometimes I buy a pocket money, but I still can't bear to eat it once, huh, huh. I bought this, I thought it would be very sweet, and the result was ok. It’s better than the stuffing I have when I’m there, and there are pine nuts, though just a few. A box of four, ten yuan. When I was eating, I wanted to try and do it myself. The box was thrown away by me. I looked at the approximate ingredients and thought about it, so the finished product was not very similar, but the taste was not bad. I want to say that there are recipes everywhere in life, but there is no accurate formula, but I like to try. I used the oily noodles. In the past, my mother used to make all kinds of shortbread cakes. When I was working on the noodles, I used to add oil, lard or plain oil, which is the oily part of the pastry. I don't have the exact proportion of oil and noodles. I didn't see the people who used to make snacks. They all praised them by experience and feeling. If necessary, you can refer to the ratio of oil skin, 3:1. This time I used the sunflower oil that I usually eat. I didn’t have the lard, and the lard is more fragrant and easy to crisp. Speaking of lard, I remembered that the last time I took the refined lard to test everyone, even the kitchen worms who had been tested, only the answers of Susu and Peony were close. Killing me



  1. Stuffing or peeling black dates and jujube mud, add some oil, fine sugar and pine nuts (do more of your own, fragrant) mix well

  2. Live oil

  3. The peeled jujube is like a other pie, rounded, stuffed, closed, and then flattened.

  4. Finally, roll a sesame heap and sesame seeds on both sides. Bake in the oven for 180 degrees, about 25 minutes, it will be yellow.

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