Recipe: Jujube rose black rice porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Jujube rose black rice porridge


Red dates: A small jujube has a particularly good effect. Chinese medicine believes that jujube is sweet and warm, has spleen and stomach, qi and nourishing blood, soothe the nerves, and relieves the function of medicine; modern pharmacology also found that jujube can improve the phagocytic function of the mononuclear-phagocytic system in the body, and protect the liver. To enhance the effect of physical strength. Jujube is rich in vitamins A, B, C and other essential vitamins and 18 kinds of amino acids and minerals. The content of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is as high as 70-80 times that of grapes and apples.仨 ,, Hong Yan is never old, say one.   rose: Here is the dried rosebuds, rich in vitamins A, B, C, K, and tannic acid, which can improve endocrine loss of silk, eliminate fatigue and help wound healing. Rose buds have the effect of promoting qi and activating blood. Before breast pain, indigestion or irregular menstruation, you can drink with rose tea.   brown sugar: Brown sugar is a traditional warm-filled food in China. It is rich in glucose, a variety of vitamins and trace elements, and has the effects of replenishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and warming the stomach, relieving pain, and promoting blood circulation. The natural ingredient "molasses" in brown sugar has a powerful detoxifying effect, and can release excess melanin from the dermis layer and excrete it through lymphoid tissues. Therefore, brown sugar is the best beauty beauty for women.   black rice: Black rice has the effect of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, strengthening the spleen and warming the liver, replenishing the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi and activating blood circulation Regular consumption of black rice is conducive to prevention of dizziness, dizziness, anemia, white hair, eye diseases, spleen and stomach weakness. After reading the above analysis, I have to say that this is the bowl of "big porridge"! !



  1. Wash the black rice white rice in a ratio of 1:1, soak it in water for one night to facilitate cooking. (I was soaked the night before)

  2. Pour the rice into the rice cooker and add boiling water to cook. Be sure to add enough water at a time. (Before I was cold water porridge, this time I tried it and found that boiling water porridge, faster and better!)

  3. When waiting for the porridge to boil, wash the red dates and cut them into nucleus, cut them into diced, and stalk the roses to separate the petals.

  4. After the porridge is boiled, add the red dates to the boil, until the rice grains are opened. When the ingredients are thick, add the brown sugar, dissolve it, sprinkle the rose petals before the pot, stir well.


Remember, "there is no porridge, stir up and down thirty-six." After the porridge is boiled, it must be stirred from time to time to facilitate uniform heat and make the porridge non-stick.

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