Recipe: Kidney spleen and health porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Kidney spleen and health porridge


Our family often drinks this porridge, the black food is very good drops ~ especially the recent husband yelling back pain, think about whether it should be kidney, ha ~ good pollution, add a spleen by the way, come to a kidney and spleen and promote Sleeping gold medal porridge ~~



  1. Black beans and kidney beans are best soaked for half a day in advance, because I used a slow cooker to cook all night, so I don’t soak, lazy food is like this.

  2. Pour all the grains into the pan, wash them like rice, then put a small amount of water to boil and cook for a few more minutes, then close the top of the torch and pour it off.

  3. Put as much water as possible in the pot, put on the rock sugar, and suffocate it overnight. The next day, you will have a healthy porridge to eat.


1. My husband said that every time I cook this porridge, I am like an old Chinese doctor who catches Chinese medicine. I grab the West and grab the cockroaches. It’s all for you. I don’t have kidney loss~ 2. If you use a pressure cooker to suffocate Don't put so much water, the pressure cooker is suffocating by the air pressure, the water will not go down a lot, first use the big fire to cook the sizzling sound, then turn the small fire for three or five minutes, turn off the fire, and get busy with your Go, don't worry about it, let it suffocate for 4-5 hours, repeat the action just now, and finally turn off the fire and it will be OK. 3. Peanuts can also be replaced with walnuts, etc. See what you need to make up, if there is no brown rice Use rice instead, nutrition is of course better for brown rice, but you need to be free to match!

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