Recipe: Korean egg roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Korean egg roll


I have seen egg rolls in the game when I was young, and I thought that the meal made by the women’s group must be simple and easy to eat, so try it out. It is really simple to save time. It depends on everyone:)



  1. Beat the eggs evenly, wash the diced onions, green peppers, carrots, bacon, chopped cabbage

  2. Put the ingredients into the beaten egg mixture, add the right amount of salt and mix well.

  3. Heat the pan with a proper amount of oil and pour the egg into the pan to form a quiche.

  4. The eggcake is rolled up from the edge into an egg roll when it is basically formed.

  5. Heat over low heat and slowly fry until the egg rolls are golden and ripe.

  6. Take out the egg roll and cut it, topped with tomato sauce and you can eat it.


Eggcakes should be thinned to roll into egg rolls. If you don't like bacon, you can change other ingredients. This is a free dish.

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