Recipe: Korean pumpkin porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Korean pumpkin porridge


Korean pumpkin porridge is now a must-have item for pre-dinner meals in Korean restaurants of all sizes, especially in rotisserie, where you can enjoy unlimited drinks~ but I heard that many pumpkin porridges are now washed out with powder, 哎Oh~ This is really so sad~ When I was studying in Korea, I went to a porridge shop near the school for dinner every Thursday. Pumpkin porridge is a kind I like very much. Every time I saw the proprietress smashing the pumpkin squash with the smasher and using the pot on the spot, I felt very warm when I was in a foreign land. This pumpkin porridge is actually not difficult at all. Slow down and follow yimi to experience Korean slow life~!



  1. Wash the pumpkin and remove the seeds, put the skin into the steamer, steam for about 15 minutes on the fire (the steam in the steamer and then into the pumpkin)

  2. Steamed pumpkin to be cold, scoop the melon with a spoon

  3. Mix the melon meat with pure water into the blender (the 700g size pumpkin can be fixed almost three times with a 600ML mixer)

  4. Pour the good pumpkin paste into the pot and cook for 10 minutes on high heat until it is boiling.

  5. After glutinous rice flour is mixed with cold water, add it to the pot and continue to cook for 5 minutes. (At this time, stir the spoon with a spoon to prevent the glutinous rice flour from smearing the bottom)

  6. Add rock sugar, simmer, turn to small fire

  7. Use another pot to cook the small rounds. After cooking, add the small rounds to the pumpkin porridge, then add a little salt and mix well.


With a small Japanese pumpkin, the taste will be very good. Because yimi doesn't like to eat beans, so I don't put peas (this is a bad habit...) In fact, Korean porridge has some beans added. The amount of salt is very small, but it must be put, it can make the taste of the whole pot of pumpkin porridge three-dimensional.

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