Recipe: Korean style radish

Home Cooking Recipe: Korean style radish



  1. Add a proper amount of cold water to the glutinous rice flour and mix well. Stir on a small fire and heat to a translucent shape.

  2. Pears, apples, peeled garlic, ginger, and onions are placed in a cooking machine to make a paste.

  3. Half a lot of white radish is rubbed, the shallots are cut into sections, and then the sautéed sauce, glutinous rice paste, chili powder, salt and sugar, fish sauce, shrimp sauce and gloves are mixed well. You can taste the taste, not enough salty and sweet. Some sugar and salt! Mix well and set aside.

  4. Cut the remaining white radish and carrots, salt them with water, and then wash them with water and remove them in one hour. Mix well and put them in a jar. Ferment for half a month!

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