Recipe: Kung Pao Chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Kung Pao Chicken



  1. To cook Kung Pao chicken, first use the breast meat, remove the net meat fascia, cut the meat surface with a shallow cross, cut into abacus beads

  2. Marinate the chicken with a proper amount of salt, MSG, starch, and wine-making marinade for half an hour, so that the chicken will be more smooth and tender.

  3. Then the process should have a quick knife and a slap in the face, and when the oil pan is stir-fried until the chicken flesh turns white, immediately pour it into the funnel to filter the oil. The remaining oil in the pot will continue to heat up. After the heat is cooked, the pepper will be cut into sections, and the sauté will be sautéed with a small fire, then the peppercorns and shallots, minced garlic and ginger will be scented together. Then put the chicken in the pot again, stir fry for a while, then pour in the mixed oil (spicy soy sauce, salad oil mixture) and continue to fry, sharply shovel a few shovel into the various seasonings, add peanuts, stir fry a few times Don't forget to put vinegar before the pot

  4. The choice of vinegar can be vinegar, balsamic vinegar or even white vinegar. The role of vinegar is as important as the finishing touch. The complex taste of sugar and vinegar may be the essence of Kung Pao Chicken. You smell, when the vinegar falls, the scent spray In the face, the whole body is fierce, and the taste of the sublimation is diffused.


Eat Kung Pao chicken must be hot, a little cool will run away, the realm will no longer. After the entrance, the tip of the chopsticks is slightly numb, light and spicy, and then the taste bud is a sweet taste. The chew will have some sour and sour feelings, hemp, spicy, sour, sweet, The chicken, onion, and peanuts under the package can't help but make your index finger move.

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