Recipe: Lame-flavored rice dumplings and some caution

Home Cooking Recipe: Lame-flavored rice dumplings and some caution


The following are some of the practices that I have learned from the masters of the Taiyuan Department of Macao Liyuan, and I have learned from my own practice. I hope that I can help those who like to cook clams.



  1. After washing the rice, soak it in water for more than 1 hour, soaking the rice core.

  2. Put the cooking oil on the bottom of the pot, put the soaked rice into the pot, add the water and not a knuckle around the rice.

  3. After the fire simmered the water, it turned to a small fire and cooked the rice until it was ripe.

  4. Slice the sausage and bacon, take a small piece of fat from the bacon and set aside.rGinger shredded.

  5. When the rice is boiled until it is in a honeycomb shape, it is filled with bacon and ginger, and then one egg is beaten.

  6. Continue to cook for 4-5 minutes on low heat and let stand for 15 minutes. Do not open the lid during this time.

  7. The vegetables are cooked and ready for use.rRaw soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, oyster sauce and the previous fat simmer together, and refining with a small fire.

  8. The glutinous rice is opened and the taste is pulled out. Add the ingredients and mix well, then re-send the bacon and greens and serve.


1. Rice preferred silk seedlings. 2. The pot is the preferred casserole. 3. The rice soaking time is long. When cooking, the water can't be much, it will not be chewy, and it is not easy to have rice coke. 4. Pay attention to the heat, too much fire will make the water overflow to take away the oil floating on the water, so that the rice loses a smooth taste. 5. Seasoning juice, not a simple mixing. According to your own taste, choose soy sauce soy sauce, you can add sugar and oil, and the key is to use the fat cut from the bacon to cook together, so that the taste will be more fragrant, and it will be bright on the rice. The rice will be separated by grains. 6. The most important thing is to pinch the inside of the bacon after serving. Then pour the juice into the bowl and mix slowly until it is in the bowl so that the bacon is not salty because it is seasoned twice.

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