Recipe: Lemon brick

Home Cooking Recipe: Lemon brick


LemonBar is a very common dessert in the United States.



  1. The mold is covered with tin foil, leaving a margin on both sides for demolding

  2. Mix butter, sugar, vanilla flavor, salt

  3. Add powder, knead into a mass, do not over-extract, press into the bottom of the mold, flatten

  4. Put in a preheated to 175C oven and bake for 25 to 30 minutes to golden

  5. Mix sugar and medium powder, add egg, and mix well

  6. Add lemon dander and lemon juice and mix well

  7. After the bottom of the cake is baked, it is poured into the filling.

  8. Cool down to 150C, bake until the filling is almost solidified

  9. Demoulding and dicing after completely cooling

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