Recipe: Lobster porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Lobster porridge


After eating the lobster sashimi, the lobster's head and tail part will be tempered with lobster porridge. In fact, the production of lobster porridge is very simple, the most important thing is to have a good white rice porridge, lobster is not the main ingredient, I think it is embellished and it is not bad. But to make the lobster's umami taste fully moisturized into the porridge, this porridge is perfect and delicious. After all, it is time and patience. As long as you have the patience and can afford it, you are not afraid to eat this good porridge.



  1. To make lobster porridge we use the head and tail of the lobster. Place the lobster head on the cutting board, first sharpen the scalp on the lobster head with a knife, then divide the lobster head into two from the middle.

  2. Then open the side of the lobster head that is divided into two. The so-called opening is like the lid of the crab. Just grab the side of the lobster and take a slap in the face. With a little force, you will naturally find a place to separate them. Up

  3. After you open it, you will find that there is also a so-called 'lung' that we can't eat in the crab lid. Also, remove this part.

  4. The other side is treated in the same way, and then the spikes of the lobster's feet are removed. Finally, the cleaned lobster is smashed into small pieces, and the lobster's legs and the relatively thick part of the big whisker are patted with a knife back to make it look like broken and broken. The purpose is to taste good when cooked.

  5. Wash the lobster with water, dry it, and pour it into a clean and dry pot. If we have not eaten the remaining lobster meat while eating the lobster sashimi, we can also put it in the porridge.

  6. Boil the lobster head and tail lobster with boiled water, remove the float (if any), rinse with water, and set aside. Re-cook the cooked white rice porridge, boil it, pour the lobster that has been drowned or fried into the porridge pot, stir it, turn the simmer and turn it slowly.

  7. About 15 to 20 minutes, the savory lobster is completely simmered in the porridge, and the right amount of salt and chicken powder and other seasonings. During the time when the lobster is placed in the pot, even if it is a simmer, please pay attention to the dynamics of the porridge. You can gently stir it at intervals. At the same time, chopped green onion and ginger can be cut out.

  8. After a minute, I felt the fragrant scent of the porridge overflowed, and then opened the fire, put the ginger, let the porridge in the pot fully open, turn off the fire, and put it into the bowl. In this way, a bowl of fresh and beautiful lobster porridge is perfect.

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