Recipe: Lobster sashimi

Home Cooking Recipe: Lobster sashimi


Many people think that eating lobster at home is very extravagant. In fact, the standard of living has improved now. It is not too extravagant to find a lobster at home on a good day. At least you should eat lobster in the hotel outside. Come to get benefits. As far as my experience is concerned, as long as I master the skills of making lobsters, it is not more complicated to make a lobster sashimi at home than to make a tomato scrambled egg.



  1. Buy fresh lobsters at the seafood market and prepare enough ice cubes before preparing to eat lobster sashimi. Use the ice box of the household refrigerator to freeze the ice cubes. If there are few ice boxes, you may start freezing in advance a few days, take the frozen ice cubes into the food bag, and then freeze the next box.

  2. The frozen ice cubes were all removed and the ice cubes were chopped with an ice mixer. If you don't have an ice machine, you can wrap the ice in a clean towel and smash the ice with a thick knife on the cutting board several times. Part of the broken piece is placed in a clean small basin, and more of it is placed in the large dish. spare

  3. Before making the lobster sashimi, we poured a little medical alcohol on the cutting board and ignited it with fire. We also burned the lobster knife. The purpose of this is clear at a glance, the lobster we are raw, and it is burned with alcohol to disinfect

  4. Place the lobster on the cutting board and don't be afraid if the lobsters are smashed back and forth. Take the gloves or two towels to protect the hands, then hold the lobster head in the left hand, hold the lobster tail in the right hand, pick up the lobster, and twist the left and right hands in the opposite direction. The lobster head and the lobster tail are separated. (Remember, this step of lobster head and tail is best not to use a knife)

  5. We made lobster sashimi, the choice is lobster meat, which is the part of the lobster tail. Therefore, at this time, the remaining use of the lobster head in this dish is the styling. (Oh, don't be nervous, in the next dish, that is, salt and pepper lobster and clam lobster porridge, the lobster head will have his use, will not be wasted. Please pay attention to my following article)

  6. Next, peel off the shell of the shrimp and remove the complete lobster meat. Place the lobster tail on the cutting board, turn it over, try to straighten the shrimp body (this step must be done with gloves or a towel, be careful of the thorns on the lobster shell), and knives at the edges of the back and abdomen Insert it diagonally, if there is a kitchen scissors instead of a knife

  7. After cutting both sides and deep into the lobster meat, take a large steel spoon and start peeling the shell. After removing the whole shrimp and removing a layer of thin skin attached to the lobster meat, the crystal clear lobster meat is in front of you.

  8. Place the lobster meat in a small bowl with ice cubes and simply rinse the lobster meat with ice. At this time, the lobster head and the lobster tail (the shell after the lobster meat is removed) are placed in the large plate according to the original shape of the lobster, and the blank space on both sides of the lobster tail is filled with ice and evenly spread.

  9. Place the lobster meat washed with ice on the display board, first use the knife to separate the lobster meat on both sides, and then change the lobster meat into small pieces along the garlic-grain pattern of the lobster meat. After changing it, use ice to smash it.

  10. Finally, we will use the knife to cut the lobster meat into pieces (not too thin), and put them on the ice in the blank space on both sides of the lobster tail. This lobster sashimi Just do it, you can go to the table.


The small material for sashimi lobster is naturally a combination of Japanese green mustard and Japanese 4D soy sauce. If the four-word soy sauce is not good to buy, you can use soy sauce instead, recommend “Haitian” soothe the king; reconcile the small ingredients according to your own taste, the green mustard can be placed separately for food or simply reconcile together, but the former seems to be more Authentic, lemon cut, squeezed into the small ingredients, you can also drop some on the lobster meat; we do not have a plastic wrap on the ice, because we do it at home, the health is guaranteed. Nutritional analysis: The protein content of lobster is 18.9%, which is higher than that of most freshwater and marine fish and shrimp. Its amino acid composition is better than meat, and it contains 8 essential amino acids which are necessary for human body and cannot be synthesized or insufficiently synthesized in the body; lobster fat The content is only 0.2%, and most of its fat is composed of unsaturated fatty acids necessary for the human body, which is easily digested and absorbed by the human body, and has the function of preventing cholesterol from accumulating in the body; the protein of lobster meat contains more trop muscles. Globulin and paramyosin. Just make two tips to make a lobster sashimi: First, the lobster is garlic clove meat. When the lobster meat is sliced, it must follow the line of lobster meat and cannot be reversed; Second, after the lobster meat comes out, it can't be soaked in water. It must be cleaned with ice cubes and ice. Soaking or washing with water will make the lobster meat black, and the ice will make the lobster meat brighter and the taste will be better.

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