Recipe: Lotus root mushroom blood soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Lotus root mushroom blood soup


Since I was a child, I loved to drink lotus root ribs soup. Every time I cleaned the cockroaches, I left a pile of ribs. . Nowadays, it is mainly based on vegetarian food. I like to use mushroom and lotus root soup. It is delicious, with red dates and longan, natural sweetness, delicious and healthy, especially suitable for girls, blood and beauty.



  1. Lotus root cut, mushroom slice, oyster mushroom, carrot cut hob block, coix seed, lotus seed, red date soaked in warm water for half an hour.

  2. In addition to carrots, all ingredients are boiled in a small pot of water for one and a half hours, then add carrots and continue to stew for about half an hour.


The mushroom soup itself is very delicious, just add a little salt and black pepper to taste when you cook.

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