Recipe: Malan mixed with dried fragrant

Home Cooking Recipe: Malan mixed with dried fragrant


Malantou, also known as Malan Chrysanthemum, Bamboo Grass, Red Stalk, was originally a wild species, was born on the roadside, fields, hillsides, and distributed in most parts of the country, it is actually the lower Liba people in wild vegetables. In ancient times, it was once referred to by the literati as a wicked grass. In the Han Dynasty, the Eastern Qiong’s "Seven-Yang-Jiangjiang" said: "Peng Ai entered the royal bed, the third place, Malan and the Japanese," and referred to Basil, Xiao Ai and Malan as 佞An arrogant wicked person. Since it is evil grass, of course, no one is willing to eat; until Ming Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "Ma Lantou can disperse blood and reduce swelling, ribs and tires, detoxification and numbness." It was only for Malan that he really flatned the snow. However, after the reversal of Li Shizhen, Malan is still only a herbal medicine, and has not been accepted as a vegetable by the public. Really widely used as a delicious wild vegetable, probably after the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, Yuan Mei said in the "Suiyuan Poetry" that "Ma Lantou's wild vegetable name, the so-called "Ten Jiaxiang" of the Jingshi." "Ten Jiaxiang", it is obvious that Malan has become a treasure of wild vegetables at this time. Qing Yuanmei advocated "Ma Lantou, picking up the tender, vinegar and bamboo shoots mixed with food, greasy after eating, can wake up the spleen." The contemporary writer, a foodie named “Good Old Man”, Mr. Wang Zengqi, likes to squeeze the Malan head with boiling water, mix it with fine salt, crushed fragrant dried diced, and then sesame oil. Of course, some people love to use Malan head with tender tofu to cook and eat; or first use hot oil to simmer the chicken, then cast the horse to stir fry a few times to make the next dish; or use Malan and ham, seaweed, chicken to make a filling Used to make dumplings. In a word, I want to eat how to eat, but the most authentic and most classic way to eat is to add sesame oil and cold salad.



  1. [Process of Malan Head]

  2. The old leaves and old stalks of Malan head are removed, placed in clear water, add 1 scoop of raw powder, soak for 10 minutes.

  3. Rinse with water, remove and drain

  4. Put enough water in the pot and boil the fire.

  5. Put in the washed Malan head

  6. Add a little salt

  7. Pour a drop of cooking oil and cook over high heat until the water boils again.

  8. Remove the Malan head and immediately cool it with cold water.

  9. Use both hands to squeeze the head of the washed Malan

  10. Cut the Malan head into pieces with a knife

  11. [Cooling process]

  12. Chopped Malan Head

  13. The dried fragrant is rinsed with cold water and cut into small squares.

  14. Malan's head and fragrant dried diced in a clean bowl

  15. Transfer the appropriate amount of salt

  16. Dripping sesame oil

  17. Stir well with chopsticks


1. There are two kinds of Malan heads in the vegetable market. One is that the merchant cuts the old stalks and the old leaves. The price is a little expensive. If you buy them, you can trim them a little. If you wash them, you can burn them. One is not trimmed, you need to go home. Trimming yourself, the price is relatively cheap. 2. Soak the Malan head with raw water to remove impurities from the surface. 3. Don't be too long for the hot Malan head, as long as the water is boiled again. 4. Add salt and cooking oil to the hot Malan head so that the vegetables are in a physiological saline solution, which can slow down the diffusion of soluble nutrients into the water. At the same time, the Malan head can be made more green after cooking. 5. After the Malan head is cooked, it should be cooled down with cold water. Because vegetables are still hot after drowning, nutrients are still lost, so cooling immediately can reduce the loss of nutrients. 6. The good Malan head must be squeezed dry repeatedly to exert the unique aroma of Malan head. 7. The smaller the Malan head and the fragrant dried, the better the taste and the richer the taste. 8. Seasonings do not need much, just a little salt, a little sesame oil, too much seasoning will affect the taste of the dish.

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