Recipe: Mangosteen soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Mangosteen soup


In a twinkling of an eye, the most fascinating autumn of the year is coming again, bringing us beautiful scenery and bringing in very dry air. When the fall arrives every year, the lazy lips will dry and the skin will begin to dry and itchy, and occasionally it will cough a few times in the morning.



  1. All herbs are slightly washed with water and soaked for half an hour; Luo Han Guo is all two; carrots, round radish peeled and diced

  2. Put it in boiling water, boil it and then pick it up to remove blood.

  3. Burn a pot of water, put all the ingredients into the water after boiling, first boil for 20 minutes on high heat, then use medium and small fire to slow down for 2 hours, add some salt when eating.


1. People who are in trouble can go to the blood and directly lick the cockroach together with other materials. 2. Add scallops and shrimps for the sake of soup is more delicious, no one can not put it; green carrots are common in Cantonese-style old fire soup, so if you can buy green radish, please use green radish instead of round radish. 3. You can add a piece of lean meat together to make the flavor better.

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