Recipe: Mei Caikou meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Mei Caikou meat


Large dishes that can only be eaten during the Chinese New Year. Even now, because the process is too complicated and takes too long, it will not be done in the next year... Only this will make me feel more memorable...



  1. 1. Prunes dried in warm water for half an hour; panned several times to remove hard stems and impurities.

  2. 2. Wash the dried plums and squeeze the water; put a little oil into the oil pan, stir fry in the dried plums; add a small amount of soy sauce to color, sugar to taste; fried good mold dried vegetables for spare.

  3. 3. Wash the pork belly into large pieces, and smear the skin with the skin. After the old pumping, you can wipe it again. Fry in the pan.

  4. 4. The fried pork belly is immediately immersed in cold water to make the meat softer and better sliced.

  5. 5, meat slices, cut meat pieces neatly placed on the bottom of the big bowl, the fried dried plum dried vegetables covered on the top, slightly pressed and flush with the bowl.

  6. 6. Steam in the pan for 1 to 2 hours; the broth of the dried plum will be immersed in the flakes with steam; the longer the meat, the worse the flesh.

  7. 7. After steaming, remove the soup, the meat is poured into the plate, and the soup is poured onto the meat.


The fried skin is a thrilling extreme sport. Parents should be protective and wear a mask.

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