Recipe: Microwave chestnut

Home Cooking Recipe: Microwave chestnut


Usually they are steamed and eaten, and they have to be steamed for 15 minutes. This time I tried it with a microwave oven. It was very convenient and convenient. It took only 5 minutes to eat. And I feel that the chestnut made with a microwave oven is very good for peeling.



  1. Wash the chestnut and cut a knife along the texture of the chestnut. (This step should pay attention to safety. Both hands are stable on the table, and the blade under the chestnut is fixed. Use the upper blade to cut the chestnut skin downwards, and also cut the inside of the velvet fur, or microwave. Chestnuts will burst)

  2. Put all the chestnuts in a microwave container, cover them, open the vents on the lid, and simmer for 5 minutes.


1, like sweet, you can add some sugar in the chestnut in advance to increase the flavor. But I don't like sweet food very much. I like to eat the original taste and I have nothing to put. 2, the power of each microwave oven is not the same size, if you feel uncomfortable after 5 minutes, you can increase the time properly. 3, with scissors must cut through the two layers of chestnut skin, otherwise it will burst, remember!

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