Recipe: Milk stewed egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Milk stewed egg



  1. The milk is slightly heated to a warm temperature, put a proper amount of sugar into it, stir well

  2. Eggs are broken up, pour the milk in, stir evenly

  3. Look for a plate of Shenma's bowl of egg filling liquid (it is best to have steamed tea bowls), steaming for ten minutes is fine.


About the ratio of milk to eggs. In fact, I don't think it is so important. Generally, I am an egg with a bowl of milk, and I don't think it is too thin. A little step about steamed eggs without small holes: First, the water or milk poured into the egg is any liquid, if it is warm, it can't be ice, and it can't be hot! ! ! The second is to steam the eggs when the bowl is filled with eggs, without the lid column, use the plate to cover what ~~~~~ then cover the lid of the steamer! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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