Recipe: Milky cheese corn kernels

Home Cooking Recipe: Milky cheese corn kernels


As a super favorite milk, corn and cheese, the simple cheese corn kernel can not be satisfied. I have lived abroad for a few years and found some new practices. So I combined my favorite ones and made them unexpectedly delicious. In fact, the following three or four people are almost the same, but the husband can eat, with a mouthful, and he will eat all of it. Joining Cream Cheese is because it was found in a Western restaurant and it was unexpectedly delicious.



  1. The small fire spread the butter and added the corn kernels for two minutes.

  2. Add a small amount of milk and cook slowly on low heat until the milk is fully absorbed. Be careful not to paste it.

  3. Place the fried corn kernels in the baking pan, then add the Cream Cheese and a small amount of sugar and mix well. The temperature of the corn melts the cheese very well, so it is easy to stir. White sugar looks at its own taste, likes to put more sweet, and dislikes it.

  4. Spread a thick layer of mozzarella cheese on the corn, don't use your hands, let it go!

  5. The oven is turned to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, almost 200 degrees Celsius. Do not preheat, put it directly. It will be almost 15 minutes. Open it and look at it, the cheese melts and the surface is a little bit of focus. Then take the spoon and eat.


Most of the cheese corn kernels are put in salad dressing. I can't live in a small rural area in the United States. I only have old supermarkets. But after eating Cream Cheese, I found that it is more delicious than salad dressing. The milk is very rich. The disadvantage is that Need to put sugar on your own. If you like innovation, you may wish to try it. Remind the pros who don't like milk. I don't like the step of omitting milk and boiled corn, because the milk is really strong and strong.

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