Recipe: Milky little steamed buns

Home Cooking Recipe: Milky little steamed buns



  1. Pour the flour into the pot first

  2. Pour sugar into the flour

  3. Put in yeast powder and baking soda, soak the baking soda with your hand.

  4. Pour the milk and pour the flour by hand while pouring the milk

  5. Knead the flour into a smooth dough and let it simmer for 5 minutes.

  6. After a while, the dough can be made smoother and the dough is divided into two portions.

  7. a small square head made of a square, a small round head made of round

  8. Put the small steamed bun on the pan, cover it, and simmer for a few minutes with a small amount of steam.

  9. At this time, I saw that my hair was about twice as big, and it took 8-10 minutes to steam it.


4 tips for making milky little steamed buns: 1. Use medium-gluten flour, which is ordinary wheat flour. 2. Adding sugar can make the taste sweet and the taro whitened. 3. Putting a little soda into it will make the steamed steamed bun more elastic and delicate. 4. Using steamer steamed buns, not only saves time, but also makes the steamed bread more soft and elastic.

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